Book a mover online or hire a traditional moving company?

Some companies now offer the complete handling of removals via the Internet. There are no limits to the individual wishes. With just a few clicks you can flexibly select the desired moving date. Details about the moving and moving in apartment, information about the moving goods as well as additional services that can be taken advantage of determine the offer price, which is visible at any time. Those who first have an offer drawn up will be convinced by the discounts granted.

At first glance, movers booked online are much faster, more convenient and easier to handle than the conventional commissioning of a traditional moving company. But the essential difference and last but not least the decisive advantage, which cannot be covered by online bookings – but which every professional removal company offers – is the free initial consultation on site. Why is this non-binding initial consultation so important?

Demands and expectations of the customer

If you book a mover online, you have to provide a complete list of bulky items, e.g. sofa, corner couch, tables, showcases etc. The quality of the goods and thus the material or immaterial value of the furniture for the customer is irrelevant.

But this is exactly what is decisive and very important to many customers. IKEA furniture has a different value than for example high-quality designer furniture. Accordingly, special care must be taken when packing and unpacking as well as loading and unloading.

Professional removal companies Transport Executive have a flair for this, ask the right questions, prioritize the customer’s wishes and can initiate appropriate removal measures for particularly high-value, heavy or complicated goods in advance. A comprehensive analysis of the removal goods is essential for planning a smooth moving. This is the only way to guarantee safe transport and this is exactly what the personal initial meeting with on-site inspection is for.

Service providers who offer removals online adhere to their quality standards, however, removal goods are treated as a lump sum and the moving is carried out as the quoted price would suggest. This is one of the reasons why these service providers are criticized on evaluation portals*.

Details of the move-out and move-in apartment

Removals that are handled online only require the basic information about the flat to be moved into, e.g. whether an elevator is available, the footpath to the front door and the floor. The actual size of the elevator, the access to the apartments, the width of the staircase and the parking situation of the removal van are not clear.

Deviating information can increase the offer price even after booking. This is because the blame lies with the customer, who unknowingly provided incomplete information.

Qualified personnel on site

In the form of a moving company, which handles removals online, the assembly and disassembly of the furniture is offered as an additional service. The effort is compensated at a flat rate without asking for more detailed information about the furniture. Ikea furniture is often more complicated to assemble and dismantle than any other furniture manufacturer.

If additional work is charged by time, it can be expensive. With all-inclusive prices one can only hope that each piece of furniture is treated with the same care. Especially when it comes to assembly work, for example when assembling and dismantling a kitchen, only specialists should be at work and the handles should be in place.

But service providers, with whom online removals can be booked, usually only act as intermediaries and assign the removal order to small subcontractors. As a result, you never know exactly who will actually be at the door on the day of the moving and, more importantly, with what qualifications.

The time management of the mover depends largely on these details, which can be better calculated and planned in advance due to difficult truck access and transport routes.