Do we fit together? Yes, if …

The selection of a service provider that suits you is not easy in our industry. You can tell a lot when the day is long. Whether it really fits is usually only noticed during intensive cooperation. And if it doesn’t fit, it’s often too late. The project is in full swing and an emergency brake would be costly, risky and expensive.

By the way, this is annoying for both sides, not only for you as a customer!

So that this doesn’t happen to you and us, we always try to show ourselves authentically – here, in the blog and in the newsletter – with all our strengths and, of course, weaknesses.

We are not an anonymous agency, but we are people who try to establish a personal relationship with customers from other parts of Germany (or from another country).

A long-term cooperation is very important to us. Because the longer we work together, the better you can adjust to each other and the greater the successes that can be achieved together.

And there is something else we have noticed time and again in the past: the best way to work together is when you and we share the same values.

Then it’s fluent.

Royal National most important value is appreciation. What we understand by it and why appreciation is essential for us.

Collaboration that gives pleasure

We live clear values, because we do our work not only because we are good at it, but also because it gives us pleasure. And to make our customers happy. This works best when you and we share the same values in life.

Respect and trust

For us, this includes mutual appreciation. We listen in order to understand your true wishes and goals. We respect you with all your expectations. We look for suitable, pragmatic solutions – but we also take a stand against them when we don’t see the benefits or fear risks.

You can expect clear words from us (and if you still absolutely want it, we will implement it). And we always appreciate clear, honest words.

Where we don’t like to be talked into, is our approach and our technical background. You can fully trust us here because we (and you) have found the best way of working for us in years of experience, and always pay attention to safety and sustainability.

Keep it simple

Life is complex enough, we don’t have to make it more complicated. That’s why we’re always in favour of solutions that are as simple as possible and can be understood even after several months without having to roll over a manual. We always have the long-term benefit in mind, and we try to keep it as simple as possible for you as our customer.

That’s why we don’t talk to you in “technical” or unnecessary “techi-German”, but in normal language.

Reliability and speed

When we work on a project for you, we usually put the pedal to the metal. Or at least stay on the ball (if the full throttle doesn’t work for some reason). Please give us prompt feedback on our questions – you can expect the same from us. Even if you don’t have the time at the moment to examine something or make a decision – tell us exactly what and when we can expect an answer.

Developing together

It is very important for us to develop further in every respect. We do not chase after every technical innovation, but always check whether it makes sense, really promises a benefit and is also valuable in the long term.

Sustainability (long-term solutions)

Sustainability is also one of our values – and this is how we demonstrate our appreciation for our customers and projects. After all, sustainability means that investments pay for themselves in the long term. That they make sense from several perspectives (strategy, marketing, customer benefit).

And, of course, sustainability also means protecting the environment. We purchase genuine green electricity, constantly reduce paper consumption contrary to the global trend and use high-quality, reusable office materials.