Being Emotionally Intelligent

Our natural state of being, as one with Soul, is a harmonious state of Love, in which the only feelings are of continuous tranquility and happiness. Therefore if we are really feeling any type of sensation other than peace and also happiness, we have left balance somewhere.

This results from our conditioned and also defective reasoning, which becomes tolerations, requirements and also limiting beliefs. Utilizing our Emotional Knowledge equips us to recognize the message that Spirit is sending us with these feelings, so we can rectify our thinking and thus move always in the direction of Love.

Being Mentally Intelligent is my ability to purposely comprehend my own moods of Being ‘Em otional’ suggests that I understand the feeling that is my emotion of being. Being ‘Intelligent’ implies I have a sensible understanding or logical understanding of the scenario, occurrence and also scenarios that I am currently experiencing.

I am Intelligent when I can knowingly rationalize what is occurring in my reality. I am Psychological when I can feel the awareness of my energetic state of being – my psychological power.

Psychological Intelligence sheds quality when I perplex ‘being emotional’ with ‘being unreasonable’. When I am researching adverse states of being that trigger me to sub-consciously respond, I am learning about my very own unreasonable behavior that is without emotional knowledge. I am studying ‘irrational knowledge’.

Being emotional is not responding irrationally; it is being consciously-aware of my emotional state of being. I never ever respond psychologically due to the fact that with psychological knowledge I am always able to respond wisely.

Unfavorable emotional states of being are illogical since a logically smart individual that is psychologically conscious (smart) would certainly never ever choose to experience them. Understanding irrational behaviour does require psychological intelligence however it is not the meaning of Emotional Knowledge.

Emotional States of Being.

Emotional ‘States of Being’ require definition before I can understand them wisely. When I define an emotion of being, I offer it definition, it ends up being a definite feeling, as well as I become consciously-aware of its existence.

It is my conscious-awareness of the definite nature of my emotions that allows me to be emotionally smart. Click for more info on emotional intelligence in this link.

An ‘Em otional’ individual recognizes their feelings as various feelings.

An ‘Em otionally Intelligent’ individual is able to consciously name (define) their emotion of being and develop it at will, if and also when they so choose.By smartly defining an emotion, I become both psychologically knowledgeable about the feeling and also reasonably conscious of its meaning.

I can not experience a definite emotion unless I can name it adjectively. In the absence of calling an emotion, it will continue to be either a positive or an unfavorable experience, depending on the ideas that I keep in my sub-conscious.

I specify a feeling (emotional state of being) with an adjective, which is a defining word. Any type of adjective that defines my sensations or my mood of being is an emotion.Without an adjective to explain it, a feeling is just a feeling that I don’t really recognize.

The Prospective of my Emotional Energy

Feeling is an energised state of being that I am experiencing. All types of power have a pressure, a magnitude and a capacity. Feelings are no various. The capacity of any kind of energy is become aware when the force as well as size of that power unify.

Electric energy has a pressure called ‘volts’, a size called ‘amps’ as well as a possible called ‘watts’. They are all called after the individual who initially defined them. Emotional power is extra complicated since not just is its possible divided by force and size but its force is separated by polarity as well as its size is split by sex.

The polarity of my feelings is either positive or adverse as well as the gender of my energy is either man or female. (Rage & pride are male whereas meekness & humbleness are women. Impatience and also intolerance are normally seen as negative as well as perseverance and also resistance as favorable).

The level, to which my psychological energy is out of balance, by being divided by either polarity or sex or both, identifies the strength of the emotion that I am sensation. The better is the imbalance the greater is the intensity of the emotional feeling. The strength of my emotional state of being is the product of both the gender and the polarity of the emotional power.


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